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Simple, Beautiful, Elegant

At Sierra Alpha Innovations, we believe any problem can be solved. But what sets us apart is the attention to detail and the commitment to meeting your needs. We don't stop till the perfect solution has been realised for you and your clients.

Sierra Alpha Innovations is based on solid foundations. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for. We follow industry standard best practises and pride ourselves in our attention to detail, elegant yet simple to maintain code and staying at the forefront of emerging technologies.


more than just code

Software development starts with the old adage "think then code"

The world of software development is so broad in nature here is our focus:

  • Iterative Languages
    • C/C++
    • Java
    • Node JS
  • Functional Languages
    • Prolog
    • Haskel
  • Specific Areas
    • Increasing code efficiency
    • Socket/network programming
    • Multithreading and concurrency
    • Business applications
    • Web scraping
    • Cross platform
    • Embedded systems / firmware interfacing 
    • Automation

Feel free to get in touch for any reason, our team loves a challenge and a reason to adopt new technology. We learn fast!


Working with the best

Unfortunately, a lot about the projects are commercially sensitive so can't be discussed here.

Where possible a brief overview is available.


And this is just the beginning

Sierra Alpha Innovations is undergoing an exciting new phase as it transitions away from the marine design studio it used to be into this exciting new world of tech, be sure to check back to see our new achievements as we start to gain more exposure.

Old sierra alpha innovations site from when it was a marine design company
« As technology takes over our lives the driving forces behind Sierra Alpha's transition into the tech space was a natural step in the evolution of the business. Heres a photo of the old site for nostalgia. »


Let's talk

Please feel free to drop us a line, fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

If you would like to know more about the team here at Sierra Alpha Innovations then click about below.